October 2, 2023

Introducing WILLBERT S-Hub Testing Facility: A Testing Playground for the Most Powerful and Flexible EV Chargers in the Market


Welcome to the S-Hub Testing Facility, the ultimate testing playground for the most powerful and flexible DC chargers in the electric vehicle (EV) market. At EUROLOOP, we understand the importance of innovation and continuous improvement in the EV charging industry. That's why we have developed this cutting-edge facility specifically for testing the capabilities of the groundbreaking WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub. With a remarkable total power output of 720 kW, which can be dynamically assigned to eight available plugs, the S-Hub sets a new standard for high-power charging. Let's delve deeper into this remarkable technology and explore the purpose behind our dedicated testing facility.

The WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub: Unleashing Unprecedented Power

The WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub is a game-changer in the world of DC chargers. Its incredible power capacity of 720 kW allows for dynamic power allocation across eight available plugs, ensuring maximum flexibility and efficiency. Whether it's delivering the full power to a single plug or dividing it among multiple plugs, the S-Hub is designed to adapt to various charging scenarios, catering to the diverse needs of EV drivers and charging infrastructure providers.

Introducing the S-Hub Testing Facility

To fully harness the potential of the WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub and ensure its optimal performance, we have created the S-Hub Testing Facility. This dedicated space is specifically designed to put the S-Hub through rigorous testing, allowing us to verify its capabilities and fine-tune its functionalities before it reaches our customers. The facility comprises two power supplies, each boasting an impressive 360 kW output.

Revolutionary DC Link Technology

One of the key features of the S-Hub Testing Facility is the utilization of our patented DC Link technology. This groundbreaking underground connection enables the seamless exchange of power resources between the two standalone power supplies, ensuring uninterrupted power flow and stability. The DC Link technology not only enhances the performance of the S-Hub but also enables us to replicate real-world charging scenarios and simulate varying power demands with utmost precision.

Advancing EV Charging through Rigorous Testing

The primary objective of the S-Hub Testing Facility is to conduct comprehensive testing and validation of the WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub. By subjecting the S-Hub to a wide range of tests, we can ensure that it meets the highest standards of reliability, safety, and efficiency. The facility allows us to analyze power allocation, load distribution, and charging stability under different conditions, guaranteeing that the S-Hub delivers optimal performance in real-world applications.

Innovation Driven by Customer Needs

At EUROLOOP, we believe that true innovation is driven by understanding and addressing customer needs. The S-Hub Testing Facility enables us to gain valuable insights into the performance of the S-Hub in various charging scenarios, allowing us to make informed improvements and enhancements based on real-world data. This commitment to continuous innovation ensures that we deliver the most advanced and reliable charging solutions to our customers.


The S-Hub Testing Facility represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of EV charging technology. With its impressive power supplies, cutting-edge DC Link technology, and comprehensive testing capabilities, the facility enables us to fine-tune the WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub to deliver unmatched performance and reliability. By investing in state-of-the-art testing infrastructure, we ensure that our customers receive the most powerful and flexible charging solutions available in the market. Stay tuned for more updates as we revolutionize the EV charging landscape with the WILLBERT Amber II S-Hub and its exceptional capabilities.