Every Amber charger is equipped with a dedicated over-the-air connection to our backend platform - HAWKe.
We monitor and automatically analyze all of the charging sessions, update software and monitor detailed technical parameters in each charger in the entire network. WILLBERT experts are available to address every potential issue within minutes.
HAWKe platform can easily settle and invoice direct payments for charging sessions.

Predictive maintenance and Technical Monitoring

A set of tools for remote technical analysis. It presents the readings of multiple sensors in each WILLBERT device in real-time. Provides an access to charging logs. The tool is designed to ensure the smooth operation of chargers under the warranty and/or Service Level Agreements provided by external technical partners.

Standard OCPP-based backend systems limit capabilities of the customer service to resetting the charger only. Thanks to TechBERT, the first support line has access to more powerful tools which help to identify quickly the root cause of a potential problem and take decisive actions, which will prevent the problem from happening in the future.

The system allows every user to activate and configure each charger in the network. Capable of reassigning power modules. It is used for remote software updates to keep the infrastructure always up to date.
Detailed technical data
Remote configuration
Available for external partners


Business Analytics Suite

A set of cloud-based analytics tools gives a detailed overview of the business performance of one’s charging network. It monitors the parameters of every charging session and accumulates data to optimize the financial performance of the charging network. You can quickly check the number of charging sessions, revenue, energy delivered and more detailed parameters. Prepared views help in reporting and allow for an insight which is critical when analyzing business objectives.

User can select a charging stations hub, or a particular charger and see at glance total energy delivered, number of charging sessions and total revenue. 
Utility monitoring
Financial optimization


Ads display system

The AdBERT system enables placement of marketing materials on the charger display. With AdBERT, you can easily monetize your available screen area and generate a secondary source of revenue.

The solution is highly flexible and can be used to promote your own services or the offerings of external vendors, such as nearby shops and restaurants. This means that you can expand your business and foster better relationships with other businesses.

Moreover, the AdBERT system is user-friendly and comes with an easy-to-use Content Management System that allows for the remote upload of data. This feature provides an additional layer of convenience and accessibility to the system, making it easier for you to manage your content and ensure that your marketing materials are always up-to-date.
Marketing enchancement
Extra revenue source
Friendly CMS


Direct Payment settling with invoicing system

An easy-to-use system providing direct payments settlement through bank cards, touchless payments, loyalty and fleet cards. It allows the owner to adjust prices and invoice EV drivers.

In addition to direct payments Charge Point Operators can use PayBERT Roaming to allow EV Drivers to use the charger by authenticating using RFID cards or Mobile Apps from other E-Mobility Service Providers. 
The system works with a modern payment terminal ensuring the appropriate user experience. For customers who already have an E-Mobility Service Provider it is possible to integrate the charger with that platform over OCPP or OCPI protocols while maintaining necessary services from the HAWKe suite.
Serves multiple ways
of direct payments
Provides easy

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