Chief Financial Officer

4130 - 8370 EUR
Contract of employment:
3440 - 7340 EUR
Kraków / Zabierzów, Poland


  • Develop and implement financial strategies, forecasts, and budgets to support the company's objectives in the electromobility sector.
  • Analyze financial data to provide insights and recommendations to the executive team.
  • Oversee the preparation and accuracy of financial statements, including income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements. Ensure compliance with accounting standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Identify and evaluate financial risks associated with the electromobility business, such as market fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and currency fluctuations.
  • Implement risk mitigation strategies and maintain appropriate insurance coverage.
  • Manage the company's capital structure and financing activities, including debt and equity issuances. Assess investment opportunities and make recommendations to optimize the company's capital allocation.
  • Communicate the company's financial performance, strategy, and future prospects to shareholders and the investment community.
  • Oversee cash flow management, including cash forecasting, working capital management, and liquidity planning. Monitor banking relationships, manage debt facilities, and optimize cash conversion cycles.
  • Ensure compliance with financial regulations, reporting standards, and internal controls. Maintain strong corporate governance practices and support the audit process.
  • Collaborate with the executive team to evaluate strategic initiatives, such as new product launches, international expansion, and partnerships. Conduct financial analysis to assess potential risks, returns, and the overall financial impact.

Professional experience required

  • A strong background in finance and accounting in manufacturing company is essential, preferably with experience in the automotive or electromobility industry.
  • Knowledge of financial modeling, valuation techniques, and accounting principles is crucial.
  • The ability to think strategically and understand the financial implications of business decisions is important.
  • Must possess strong leadership qualities and be able to effectively communicate financial information to both financial and non-financial stakeholders.
  • Familiarity with the electromobility industry, including trends, market dynamics, and regulatory considerations, is valuable.
  • Strong experience in analyzing complex financial data, identify trends, and make informed decisions. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills are necessary to navigate the challenges of the electromobility business.
  • The electric vehicle industry is evolving rapidly, and CFOs need to adapt to changing market conditions, technologies, and regulations. Flexibility and the ability to manage uncertainty are crucial.
  • Upholding high ethical standards and maintaining the trust of stakeholders is essential.

Other requirements

  • Fluent command of written and spoken English
  • Strong motivation, determination and ability to organize working time

We offer

  • Private medical care
  • Multisport Benefit
  • Fresh fruit in the office
  • Flexibility in employment forms and working hours
  • Work in the rapidly expanding electromobility sector with high market potential
  • Work in a dynamic, ambitious, and rapidly growing technology company alongside an international team from renowned scientific research centers, such as CERN
  • Opportunity to actively participate in building the company
  • Involvement in the product development process from concept to certification

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